Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Owned By the 10 Richest Footballers

It’s no secret athletes in football are some of the best paid sports personalities on the planet.

In return, footballers love splashing their cash on all the best things money can buy including luxurious cars, mansions, jewellery, real estate and so much more.

From Bugattis to Ferraris, today we take a look at the 10 most expensive cars owned by the 10richest footballers.

10. Mesut Özil
The former Germany International has a net worth of 100 million DOLLARS. THE MOST expensive car in his collection is a $270,000 Ferrari 458 Italia.

9. Andreas Iniesta
The FC Barcelona legend is said to be the owner of a luxurious Bugatti Veyron worth 2 million dollars.

8. Eden Hazard
The Real Madrid man has a net worth of 125 million dollars. He recently bought a Lamborghini aventandor priced at $670,000.

7. Paul Pogba
Pogba boasts an impressive net worth of 125 million dollars. His most expensive ride is a $400,000 Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

6. Gareth Bale
The Welshman is the highest earning player at Real Madrid. He has an awe-inspiring net worth of 140 million dollars. A ferreri GTC4 Lusso worth $400,000, is the most expensive car in his garage.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimović
AT 40, Zlatan Ibrahimović’s football career shows no sign of slowing down.

His car collection is also as amazing as his lengthy career.

He recently acquired a 1.9 million dollars Ferrari Monza SP2, which is the most Motor in his collection.

His net worth is understood to be 195 million dollars.

4. Neymar
Neymar is the one of the richest football players in the world with a net worth of 220 million dollars

It’s no surprise he can afford one of the most expensive and exclusive high performance sports car, a Lamborghini Veneno, Priced at 4.5 million dollars.

3. Martin Braithwaite
Martin Braithwaite has surprisingly being ranked as one of the richest footballers today. This is thanks to his off-field investments, in real estate.

His $50,000 Copra Formentor is the modest compared to other footballers.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Being one of the best footballers in the world is not enough for Ronaldo.

The Portuguese boasts the most impressive car collection of any footballer.

A Bugatti Centodieci is the latest addition to Ronaldo’s extensive collection. It has a price tag of $9 million and only 10 of these hyper cars will be created.

1. Lionel Messi
Messi is the richest footballer in the world today with a net worth of 600 million dollars.

His 1957 Ferrari 335 spider is the world’s most expensive car. He bought it off an auction for 36 million dollars.

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