These Incredibly Hazardous Locations Around The World Are Not For The Faint Of Heart, As Only The Boldest Souls Dare To Venture There

The Flying Kiss attraction near Chongqing, China has gotten a lot of attention, at Chongqing City

2. Sky ladder love china

3. The Candlestick with its neighbouring matchstick, the diminutive but striking Totem Pole peering over its right shoulder. Tasmania, Australia 

4. 80-meter rock in Sardinia, Italy 

5. Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier suffers massive landslide

6. Biking News, Events & Reviews | Total Women’s Cycling

7. Kjeragbolten (Norway) is a rock with an area of ​​​​about 5m2, located between two Kjerag rocky cliffs at an altitude of 984 m. This is also a destination for skydiving enthusiasts.

8. Preikestolen (Norway), also known as Pulpit Rock, is a steep cliff with a height of 604 m.

9. Tibetan bridge

10. Think twice before wasting water

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