The mother of 5 drove more than 3,000 km to Qatar to watch Messi play. and the sweet ending

The 2022 World Cup held in Qatar has brought together two great passions of Indian women: long-distance travel and football.

Najira Noushad with 5 children.

Najira Noushad (33) started the trip on October 15, departing from Kannur city (Kerala state, southern India), according to India Times.

This 49-day housewife and travel blogger’s 3,000km journey passed through two other Indi an cities, before catching a train to Oman. She then continued to drive through the UAE and Saudi Arabia and reached her final destination, Qatar.

The biggest purpose is to have the opportunity to witness live matches with Lionel Messi on the pitch. Further, the passionate fans of the Argentina team want their favorite team to raise the World Cup trophy.

Najira Noushad with his car, check-in in Doha, Qatar. Photo: @naajinoushi_solo_momtraveller.
fan ham mo Messi brother 1
Najira Noushad with his car, check-in in Doha, Qatar. Photo: @naajinoushi_solo_momtraveller.

Najira did not go alone, her 5 children also followed their mother to support football. The SUV became the family’s mobile home, with groceries, utensils, stoves, and bedding piled up in the back of the vehicle.

Going to the UAE, having some problems, she had to hitchhike a truck. Impressed by Najira’s passion for the sport of kings, the government in Qatar sponsored all expenses while she and her five children came to the country to watch football.

Media and TV stations in the Gulf region are enthusiastically hunting this mother and travel blogger for a face-to-face interview.

Najira said he is no stranger to traveling in Gulf countries. She currently lives in Oman and holds an Omani driver’s license – a license valid in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. So she was familiar with the roads in the area.

“I live in Oman with my husband and children. But I want to start my journey from my hometown, my roots. Therefore, I returned to India,” Najira said.

The mother of 5 children wants to see the famous Messi player playing on the field. Photo: Espn.
fan ham mo Messi brother 2
The mother of 5 children wants to see the famous Messi player playing on the field. Photo: Espn.

In addition to football, the woman also likes to travel in the “phhot” style. Last year, she and another friend drove along India, with a distance of 13,000 km, passing through 17 states and 5 territories of this country.

In February, Najira hitchhiked from Kuttanad in Kerala state (India) to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The solo trip lasted for 50 days.

Najira said her husband is a solid supporter to help her satisfy her passion for teleportation.

“Along with my biological mother, he is my biggest support. He always pushes me to do what makes me happy. Even when I bring 5 children, I have never hesitated to go on the road. “, she said.

This time too, she did not hesitate to drive to Doha. The prospect of seeing Messi and his teammates in Argentina was the biggest catalyst.

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