The Extraordinary Wonder of the “Mutant” Noodle Tree: Bearing Harvests of Massive Tubers, Weighing Nearly 70kg Each

esterday, Mr. Phuong went to his family’s field to dig up a 3 year old cassava tree. Because when digging down, he saw that the cassava tree had many large tubers, so Mr. Phuong mobilized 2 more people to help.

The noodle tree with a total weight of nearly 70kg was dug by Mr. Phuong in his garden

After nearly 2 hours of continuous digging, all three were able to bring the cassava plant with about 20 large and small bulbs out of the ground. Of these, the longest tubers are up to 1.3 meters long, and the short ones are about 40-50 cm. After taking it home, Mr. Phuong put it on the scale, the total weight of the bunch of noodles was 70kg.

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