The Complex Yet Close Relationship Between Messi’s Wife and Shakira

Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo interacts more on social networks with singer Shakira after a long time of rumors that the two were in conflict.

In the past year or so, Messi’s wife has often expressed her emotions and comments on the Colombian singer’s personal page. Most recently, when the 46-year-old singer posted a photo wearing a sexy blue dress at the MTV Awards last week, Antonela wrote below: “So beautiful” with a series of clapping emojis. More than 12,000 people “liked” Messi’s wife’s comment. The mother of three also received positive responses when someone complimented her, “Just like you, Goddess”.

Antonela and Shakira took a selfie to congratulate Barca on winning La Liga 2019. Photo: Instagram Antonela Roccuzzo

Antonela and Shakira took a selfie to congratulate Barca on winning La Liga 2019. Photo: Instagram Antonela Roccuzzo

Earlier this year when Shakira shared about her broken love story, Antonela showed sympathy for the broken heart icons. Last summer, when Shakira’s father was seriously ill and hospitalized, Messi’s wife also encouraged the 11-year-old singer.

Marca commented that clearly between Messi and Shakira’s wife there is a good friendship, even better now because they both live in Miami, USA .

Antonela Roccuzzo demostró si pudo celebrar con Lionel Messi que Argentina ganó

In 2018, there was news that the Colombian female singer shouted at Messi’s wife during a barbecue party at Messi’s house after a Barca match. An argument broke out and Pique and Shakira left afterward. Tension between the two WAGs increased when Shakria was asked to leave the chat group of Barca star wives and was not allowed to go to the area where the WAGs were.

Neither Shakira nor Antonela confirmed any friction. At the 2017 wedding, Pique and Shakira were both invited to attend. When Barca won La Liga in 2019, the singer and Messi’s wife even took a selfie together.

Pique and Shakira (left) attended Messi's wedding in Rosario, Argentina, summer 2017. Photo: JJ

Pique and Shakira (left) attended Messi’s wedding in Rosario, Argentina, summer 2017. Photo: JJ

Antonela Roccuzzo is the childhood friend of superstar Lionel Messi . The lovebirds were both born in Rosario, grew up together and had time apart before reuniting and dating in the late 2000s. Messi and his wife have three sons. Meanwhile, Pique and Shakira started dating at the 2010 World Cup, and a year later they publicly fell in love. The star couple had two sons before breaking up in the summer of 2022 amid rumors when Pique was rumored to be having an affair.

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