The Black Tape Project Takes Body Tape to a New Level

Artist Joel Alvarez of the Black Tape Project has been making waves in the clubbing community with his intricate body tape designs.

Forget about just two tape-X’s stuck over you nipples. Cuban-American artist Joel Alvarez, from Miami, is paving the way for women who want to wear tape as an entire outfit.

Most men turn into complete idiots when they are confronted with a model wearing nothing but a tape ʙικιɴι.

This is evident in the press the Black Tape Project has received so far from men’s publications. But the idea of cutting up tape can be considered a fashion trend for women as well.

According to his biography, Alvarez thought of the idea in 2008 as a rookie pH๏τographer, and it became his signature style. Since then the designs have evolved into what you see today.

The Black Tape Project does live events where they tape go go dancers and models live. They were at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018, and they posted this video of the ensuing festivities.

Other clients of theirs include Club Space, 1 Oak, Playboy, Maxim, Rolex, Marquee Las Vegas, Johnny Walker, Bacardi, Hakkasan and Absolut Vodka.

The geometric designs of body tape are very form flattering, and all the models look amazing. It is a similar vibe to pasties, body paint or glitter boobs.

To get the look at home shop around for brightly colored tape, which is often available in fun patterns. Although Alvarez does not go into specifics about what type of tape he uses.

It looks like colored duct tape, or maybe electric tape. The adhesive backs of stickers would work as well. If anyone knows the best kind of tape for covering up nipples please let us know.

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