The Ballon d’Or is a prestigious individual honor for everyone, according to superstar Lionel Messi, but he never considered it to be significant.

The Ballon d’Or is a prestigious individual honor for everyone, according to superstar Lionel Messi, but he never considered it to be significant.

Messi held his first news conference in the US as an Inter Miami player early on August 18, Hanoi time. After helping Argentina win the World Cup, a reporter believes he will take home the seventh Ballon d’Or this year. When this person questioned Messi about his thoughts on the possibility, the Miami captain responded, “From a personal perspective, this award has the most significant value in football. But I’ve never thought the Golden Ball to be significant. because I only like collective titles, this is significant.

The great athlete, 36, went on to say that he is not considering winning the eighth Ballon d’Or. If I receive this prize, that’s great, but if not, I don’t mind, he remarked. “I’ve won every football trophy, and now I’m just enjoying every second on the field,” he said.

If Messi helps Inter Miami win the 2023 Leagues Cup, he would have the chance to surpass all other players in football history in terms of total trophies won. He has one fewer title than Dani Alves, who has 44. On the morning of August 20, Miami and Nashville will play in the championship game.

Messi said that he came to Miami for his family and not simply for sports. Moving from Barcelona to PSG is somewhat difficult, but moving from PSG to Miami is a lot simpler, he said. I come here for my daily activities with my family in addition to playing football.

In his first six games for Miami, Messi scored nine goals, including three outstanding long-range strikes. His furthest club goal came on August 16 versus Philadelphia, when he fired a shot from 33 meters into the goal. When he plays football in the US, he constantly smiles and occasionally celebrates like one of the Marvel superheroes, like God of Thunder, Black Panther, or Spider-Man.

Because the kids are still on summer break, “my father and I spend time watching Marvel movies every night,” he said. The four of us shall continue to enjoy celebrating the meal in this manner as proposed by the children.

Messi claimed that going to Miami helped him find happiness once more. He had to leave Barca, thus he joined PSG in the summer of 2021. He twice won Ligue 1 while residing in France, however his Champions League run was cut short in the 1/8th round. He even frequently received jeers and whistles from the PSG crowd at the close of the previous season. Currently in the US, the entire crowd frequently applauds the Argentine superstar’s goals.

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