Surprised to see the ‘precious’ of nature

Every year attracts a lot of tourists in countries around the world, they consider this as a random wonder of nature for humans.

Yang and yin stones in China

In the Humanization of Guangdong China, there is a mountain named Danhe, which has jagged rocks, in which there are two strange stones that are famous for being symbols of yin and yang prosperity. Don Ha Mountain also has a park, located in Thieu Quang town, which is the most beautiful and largest scenic area in Guangdong province. While giving tourists a sense of weirdness and humor, the yin and yang jelly is really the sexiest wonder in the world.

‘ Duong Vien Thach: Located in the west of Gam River, 28m high, 7m in diameter, shaped like the male genitals symbol of fertility.

‘ Yang stone seen from below

Am Vien Thach: Located in the east of Gam River, discreetly hidden under the top of the mountain, more than 10m high, more than 4m wide, shaped like a girl’s genitals. These bizarre rocks are surrounded by Gam River, protected by ancient mountain and set in dense forest. They were discovered by a farmer in 1998.

‘Valley jelly

From 1988 until now, these two mountains have been listed in the category of national grade 1 relic sites needing conservation, national geoparks, and world geoparks.

Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain, Vietnam

Twin mountains are associated with the legend of the love story of the giant and the fairy here. Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain is likened to a woman’s full breasts and has been handed down from generation to generation, Twin Mountain and Three Mountains in Tam Son town are preserved by the people, with many legends. associated with what nature offers is conveyed in the story of the wishes of the ethnic minorities in the highlands about renovating and taming nature for production, which here is the desire to have a source of water for irrigation. serving human life, to have a full life, also in the legend wants to honor fidelity, honor couple’s love.

Cappadocia Valley

Cappadocia Valley (also known as Kapadokya in Turkish) is a land of outstanding natural wonders, but the most attractive are still strange rock formations.

‘ The “treasure” of this valley is the remains of the volcanoes left behind. Over the years, under the sculptural hands of nature, the rocks gradually formed that odd shape.

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