Statistics on #Messi’s impressive performance after the victory over Cincinnati:

The intense match between Inter Miami and Cincinnati has left an indelible mark on football enthusiasts. Initially, Cincinnati showcased their excellence by leading with a 2-0 score against their opponents. However, everything took a turn when Lionel Messi, the legendary star, illuminated the field with his brilliance.

Messi was not only a source of inspiration but also the key that helped Inter Miami successfully reverse the situation, accompanying the team to a thrilling victory of 5-4 after a penalty shootout in the final minutes. The impressive statistics post-match truly serve as evidence for Messi’s flawless performance.

With 2 assists, Messi not only created opportunities for his teammates but also displayed his ability to analyze situations and his sharpness in choosing the right passes. What’s astonishing is his passing accuracy rate of 86%, showcasing stability and assurance in creating attacking opportunities.

Going beyond mere assists, Messi generated 5 dangerous chances and 2 major scoring opportunities, marking his active involvement in building goal-scoring opportunities for the team.

On the field, Messi showcased his skillful ball control with 5 successful dribbles out of 5 attempts. His ability to protect the ball was also evident as he won 2 out of 2 contested situations (tackles won).

The statistical figures continue to illustrate Messi’s influence in various facets of the game. He emerged victorious in 8 ground duels, reflecting his determination and unyielding spirit in battles.

With such an impressive performance, Messi achieved a match rating of 9.0, reaffirming his position as one of the greatest football players in the world. The match was not only a challenge for the team but also an opportunity for Messi to showcase his strength and talent at the pinnacle of football.

Following this triumphant victory, Inter Miami advanced to the final, granting Messi the chance to lift his second cup in Miami.

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