Shocked by Yassine Chueko’s salary of over $3 million, the former Navy Seal and #Messi’s bodyguard, which has been causing a buzz on social media recently.

Despite knowing that the salary for Lionel Messi’s bodyguard is undoubtedly astronomical, people still can’t help but be stunned when the details of the wage amount for the burly bodyguard Yassine Chueko are unveiled.

After clinching the championship title of the 2022 World Cup and bidding farewell to PSG, the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi made his way to Inter Miami. Immediately, he sparked a frenzy by netting an impressive 11 goals and providing 3 assists in 9 appearances for Inter Miami in recent matches.

Notably, Messi has ignited the inspiration that propelled Inter Miami to glory in the Leagues Cup 2023. Alongside this achievement, Messi has been assured of absolute security by the club, which is presided over by former English football legend David Beckham

The constant and ubiquitous presence of the burly bodyguard Yassine Chueko, even on the sidelines while Messi is in action, has brought immense excitement to the Inter Miami fans. In fact, Yassine is capable of instilling caution in any opponent, given his background as a former U.S. special forces soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is also an expert in boxing, taekwondo, and mixed martial arts, adding to his formidable reputation

“In addition, Yassine receives support from a team of up to 50 bodyguards. Yassine personally oversees a group of 10 individuals tasked with closely monitoring and safeguarding Messi in close proximity.

Beckham himself has ‘handpicked’ Yassine for the crucial role of protecting the ultra VIP star like Messi. What’s even more noteworthy is the revelation that Yassine is compensated by Inter Miami with a salary of $3 million USD (equivalent to 72.5 billion VND) per year for securing Messi.

This figure is enough to astound anyone, reflecting the astonishing magnitude of Messi’s bodyguard’s salary.”

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