Sergio Ramos’ Desire to Reunite with Lionel Messi: Prioritizing Inter Miami Over Saudi Arabia and Man Utd Offers

I’d like to play with Lionel Messi once more. Former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has received offers from Saudi Arabia and Manchester United, but he only wants to focus on playing for Inter Miami and Lionel Messi.

At no time does Sergio Ramos let his guard down. While he waits for a job option that meets all of his standards, the former Real Madrid footballer maintains his regular daily workout schedule.

The defender’s main goal is to play in Major League Soccer (MLS), which has emerged as an ideal venue for showcasing Spanish soccer in the wake of Leo Messi’s debut there this summer, despite the fact that he has been approached with a variety of offers in recent days.

Ramos decided to take a break once his contract with PSG was up in order to avoid making a hasty decision.

Sevilla, a team in Spain that may provide a springboard for the player’s eventual return there, is rumored to be interested in signing him, but the defender’s main goal is to test his mettle in the United States. Saudi Arabian soccer and a number of Brazilian teams have been known to knock on his door frequently.

After the season ended, PSG made Sergio Ramos a renewal offer, basing it on his performance and offering him half of his prior salary. The defender did not like this, and he ultimately made the decision to reject the proposal.

Many players now find the Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Saudi League to be appealing options. This is reality.

Ramos and Messi developed a close bond over the course of the previous season; in fact, their bond is so strong that Ramos is helping Messi break into the North American soccer scene.

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