’Secret’ duct tape ʙικιɴι show at New York Fashion Week shocks

New York Fashion Week has been ticking along fairly innocuously – but day five has set tongues wagging after a ‘secret’ duct tape ʙικιɴιs show took place, shocking an unsuspecting audience.
The controversial swimwear trend was first debuted at the prestigious fashion event back in 2018, prompting the risque outfit choice to soar in popularity.

But the somewhat baffling swimwear creation hasn’t been seen for a while, likely due to festivals and parties taking a back seat during the pandemic.

However, as we learn to live with Covid, it seems the extreme ʙικιɴι trend – designed by the label Black Tape Project – is back.

A parade of models shocked an unsuspecting audience when they began strutting down the runway in the barely-there ’kinis at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in the Big Apple on Sunday.

Using matte-black tape, the models had an array of patterns adorned to their skin.

Footage shared on social media shows the audience going wild for the show, which was a complete “surprise” as Black Tape Project revealed the appearance had been a “secret”.

In the past, models have worn metallic coloured tape during shows, but this year’s was entirely black.

Black Tape Project was created by Joel Alvarez – a first-generation Cuban-American from Miami.

Alvarez was living out of his car before finding a box that was hidden in his grandad’s closet that contained over $US26,000 ($A34,000) in a cigar box, The Sun reported.

He used the funds to pay off debts and “turn his life around”, before buying a Canon Rebel XTI camera with his last $US1500 ($A2100) and launching a career in pH๏τography.

He worked with models from MySpace and Model Mayhem and his work has been published in publications such as Maxim and Playboy.

Alvarez wants to encourage people around the world to “try the new genre of body art”.

Despite his raunchy fashion idea taking off, some have been baffled by the skimpy designs.

Reporter Deni Kirkova, 28, previously taped up for a day out at St Kilda beach in Melbourne, using an iridescent blue “unicorn” and gold-coloured tape from Black Tape Project – highlighting the brutal reality of rocking one in real life.

As well as noting it was difficult to put on, Deni said the tape struggled to stay on when it became windy.

Deni said: “It turns out that wearing this stuff while subjected to the forces of nature can spell disaster – you really need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

“A gust of wind whipped off some bits of tape, while the movement of my neck and torso meant the tape started to flap about freely.”

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