Ronaldo Shines as He Displays His Skills on Military Appreciation Day with the Portuguese Team in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers

Cristiano Ronaldo delivered an outstanding performance on the day he made his return to the Portuguese national team.




Exchange 5 Champions Leagues for World Cups like Messi and Ronaldo’s reaction

How did Cristiano Ronaldo react after undergoing a lie detector test to the proposal to exchange 5 Champions Leagues for a World Cup like Messi?

At the ages of 38 and 36, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are competing for the title of all-time top scorer. However, there is one thing that the Portuguese superstar still cannot achieve, which is the world championship trophy that La Pulga lifted at Qatar 2022, where he also won the title of best player of the tournament.

Ronaldo is still a member of the Portuguese team after going through 5 World Cups, but his greatest achievement is reaching the semi-finals in Germany 2006. For his part, Messi failed in the tournament. 2014 in Brazil but successfully took revenge nearly a year ago.

Based on this situation, Ronaldo went through a “test” with a lie detector machine from a famous cryptocurrency company. There, CR7 was asked: “Would you exchange all your Champions League championship medals for the World Cup trophy?”.

It is worth remembering that Ronaldo participated in conquering 5 Champions League titles, including 4 with Real Madrid and 1 with Man Utd, while Messi won 4 championships, all with Barcelona

When does the 2023 Golden Ball take place? Messi is the biggest candidate?

After being asked, Ronaldo spent 8 seconds pondering, while a heartbeat could be heard in the video. As a result, he answered briefly: “No”. Immediately, the person operating the detector checked the values ​​and nodded in agreement. On the screen, in large letters, they announced that he had told the truth. “It was one of the most difficult challenges of my career,” the star emphasized.

Ronaldo’s answer was no when undergoing a lie detector test

Besides the fact that this is an advertisement, does it really reflect CR7’s thoughts or is it just a setup? Everyone knows, the rivalry between these two superstars never ends. The latest evidence came a month and a half ago when Ronaldo pointed his finger at MLS after recruiting Messi.

“In Europe, I’m sure I won’t play anymore. I want to stay in Saudi Arabia like I said 6 months ago,” Ronaldo said. After arguing that the level of competition in the Old Continent – with the exception of the Premier League – had dropped, they asked if he wanted to join Leo in MLS. “No, because the championship in Saudi Arabia is much better than America,” CR7 replied strongly.

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