Ronaldo has an extraordinary career thanks to NASA’s renewable technology

In addition to innate qualities and persistent training, few people know the success that Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo has thanks to the support of NASA technology.

It is not too much for people to liken, Cristiano Ronaldo is synonymous with success in football in particular and sports in general. Portuguese striker, Ronaldo has maintained his position in the elite ranks of the star world for nearly 2 decades, when playing for United, Real or Juventus. Now, even at the age of 38, Ronaldo still shines brightly in the colors of ambitious club Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League.

Por qué la NASA ha sido fundamental para el éxito de Cristiano Ronaldo? | El Futbolero España Jugadores

An easy point to see from Ronaldo’s extraordinary career is his tenacity, toughness and especially the low number of injuries he has sustained. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been very careful in the prevention and treatment of injuries. According to Mundo Deportivo, Ronaldo used a physical rehabilitation machine researched and manufactured by scientists of the US space agency (NASA). This machine is called the Vascusport reproduction system with modern technology built into it.

Ronaldo tích cực áp dụng công nghệ cao để "luyện công"

Ronaldo actively applies high technology to “do the exercises”

One of the highlights of the Vascusport regeneration system is that it improves the level of fitness by regenerating the tissues of the body and thus helps the user minimize the occurrence of injury. That is also the reason that motivated Portuguese star Ronaldo to buy this machine to use at his home under the guidance of a team of fitness experts.

“If you feel pain in your muscles, use Vascusport and you will feel the practical benefits it brings. For Ronaldo, it is really inseparable the whole time,” Mundo Deportivo newspaper quoted a source close to the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. Although not disclosing specifics, according to many sources, the former MU star had to spend a decent amount of money to own the machine that he praised as “magical and does extraordinary things” in improving his fitness.


Referring to Ronaldo, it cannot be ignored that the striker currently playing for Al Nassr has applied quite a lot of technology to maintain fitness. One of them is hyperbaric oxygen technology that increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, heals and promotes the regeneration of cellular tissues. Accordingly, the ability to recover from injuries is carried out more quickly than conventional methods. It is thanks to stem cells, spinal cord cells are stimulated to work by the mechanism of nitric oxide regulation.

Besides, Ronaldo also uses cryotherapy to treat after matches. This is systemic cryotherapy, which involves standing in a chamber cooled to -100 degrees Celsius, treating a number of conditions involving muscles and joints. Also, if you’re looking to reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, boost your immune system, and recover better from a workout, cryotherapy is considered one of the best treatments.

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