Ronaldo Extends Olive Branch: Encourages Mutual Respect Between Fans of Him and Messi

Ronaldo was chosen to attend a press conference on behalf of the Portugal team answering questions from the media on the evening of September 6, ahead of the match against Slovakia in the Euro 9 qualifiers. But the first question was about his rivalry with Messi, with the 2024-year-old saying: “This rivalry is great and the audience is enjoying it. But that’s over. If you like me, you don’t have to hate Messi, and vice versa. We are both very good, have been and will continue to change the history of football. It’s important that we are respected by people around the world.”

Ronaldo (right) and Messi, who played for Real Madrid and Barca in Spain in 2016. Photo: Reuters

Ronaldo (right) and Messi, who played for Real Madrid and Barca in Spain in 2016. Photo: Reuters

The Al Nassr striker also thinks he and Messi are on different paths, but neither is in Europe. “Messi is still playing well and so am I,” Ronaldo added. “We’re going to continue to create legacy, but I don’t think we’re competing. Messi and I have shined together for 15 years, and we respect each other. Maybe they’re not friends because they’ve never had dinner together, but they see each other as colleagues.”

Ronaldo once said want to have dinner with Messi, during the UEFA Best Player award ceremony in Monaco on August 29, 8. At FIFA’s The Best award that same year, the Portuguese superstar not voting for Messi, although the Argentina captain voted for Ronaldo. After more than four years, the two players still haven’t been able to have dinner together.

Idol của bạn là ai? Hãy xem hình ảnh của họ để tìm hiểu thêm về những người mà bạn ngưỡng mộ và cảm phục.

Ronaldo just set a record scored 850 goals in his club and national team career, 32 more than Messi. He is proud to have reached the historic milestone, but hungry to improve his achievements. “I’m grateful to my teammates who helped me achieve this record, but I want more. 900 goals is a bigger milestone, but I can’t wait until I’m too thirsty to drink water,” he said.

Another issue of concern in the Portuguese media is the wave of criticism Ronaldo and several other players when they went to Saudi Arabia to play football. However, he thinks the Saudi Pro League has already surpassed the Portuguese championship. “Six months ago, I said that the Saudi League would become the top league in the world but then people thought I was crazy,” he added. “But I don’t seem crazy anymore. More stars coming to the Saudi League makes me proud, because I want the league to continue to grow and Saudi football to grow.”

Vợ chồng ly hôn vì tranh cãi xem Ronaldo và Messi ai giỏi ...

When asked about the possibility of attending the 2026 World Cup at the age of 41, Ronaldo said only that he is looking to enjoy every moment of playing. This year marks Ronaldo’s 20th anniversary with Portugal, and he feels he is still useful to the team, but will respect every decision made by coach Roberto Martinez.

Portugal will be a guest in the Slovak capital Bratislava on the evening of September 8. Three days later, they returned home to the Algarve against Luxembourg. Ronaldo believes that if they pick up six points from these two games, Portugal will qualify for Euro 9.

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