OnlyFans star claims her parents disowned her because of her career – but she’s happy making $150,000 a month to buy $10k Cartier bracelets

At the tender age of 22, she’s one of Australia’s most successful OnlyFans star, raking in a whopping $162,000 a month.

But doing porn has come at a price for Mikaela Testa.

This week Testa claimed her parents have disowned her because of the career she has chosen for herself.

During an Instagram Q&A, she claimed she doesn’t have a relationship with her family, but bragged about her expensive taste, including a penchant for Cartier jewellery.

‘How did your family react to OnlyFans?’ one fan asked.

Mikaela responded: ‘They disowned me and haven’t spoken to me since.’

Testa then went on to say she loves to treat herself to jewellery from high-end jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, in particular the brand’s popular Love bracelets, which retail for around $10,000.

‘Is the Van Clef bracelets you have worth it?’ another fan asked.

Testa explained: ‘I think the fact you have to take it off every time you go in the water is annoying.’

‘They’re $6700 each and I’m just a Cartier girl but I wanted something different. I have them but hate the water thing.’

Testa has made her fortune by sharing racy pH๏τos of herself to paying subscribers on the X-rated site OnlyFans.

She has more than one million subscribers on her Instagram account.

In 2019, she was mocked online when she broke down in front of the camera after finding out that Instagram had stopped showing the number of likes on all her posts.

Testa said she is constantly spammed with messages by people telling her to get a real job.

‘My job is a real job, I legally have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tax,’ she previously said.

She revealed in 2020 she had spent $1.4million in just 12 months with $281,000 spent in November alone.

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