‘My finance boss encouraged me to chase my dreams – now I’m a ring girl and a wrestler’

These days, Harley Cameron is never too far from combat sports: the stunning blonde is a ring girl for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and she’s a proffesional wrestler.

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However, Harley – real name Danielle Vidot – admits she was pushed in that direction by her finance boss who “changed her life” after a Christmas party. Still in Australia at the time, Harley was asked to sing by her co-workers at a finance firm.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Sport, Harley joked: “The next day, my manager pulled me into the office and was like ‘you need to pursue singing and music or performing. I’m just letting you know that. I’m not supporting you staying here, and I’m gonna push you to do that’.”

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The stunning blonde first landed a theatre job in Australia – which started a domino effect that eventually saw her touch down in Orlando, Florida.

“In entertainment in general, and in this industry, you find a lot of the time that the roles you get are through networking, and through recommendation and so on,” the Australian continued when asked how she got into being a ring girl.

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“And that was the case for this for me.”

Harley had moved to the USA with her now-husband, former rugby league star Daniel Vidot – and as she turned heads on social media and in the entertainment industry, he was making waves in WWE’s developmental brand for future stars, NXT, under the wrestling name Xyon Quinn.

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She added: “When I met Daniel, and I knew he was coming over here and pursuing this, it’s funny, because this light bulb instantly went off in my head. ‘Oh my gosh that sounds like something I’d love to do’.

“But you never think it’s possible. Being in Australia. And then the thought kind of lit a fire in me; I was like, ‘I really want to do it’.

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“When we first came here I kept it to myself, because I didn’t want to step on his toes – It was his pursuit, and I was mainly more in music at the time… I just became so immersed in it.

“Eventually the conversation arose where he was like, ‘you want to do this, don’t you?’ And I was like, ‘yeah’.” However, her burgeoning wrestling career hasn’t stopped Harley in her other ventures as she continues working as a ring girl, creating music and studying nutrition.

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And it all comes back to that Christmas party and her boss: “Big shout out to him, his name’s Simon Brown. I always say there’s people in your life that I think guide you in certain directions and have a big impact on your future.

“If it wasn’t for having a boss that literally encouraged me to leave the company, someone he had hired to do sales and everything. And I just like, he’s belief in me in that moment.

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“If he didn’t have that conversation with me, I wouldn’t have done that audition. And I wouldn’t have gone into theatre in the way that I did, and then performing and everything.

“So I definitely think he had a huge impact on the way that my life went.”

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