Messi’s Journey to the US and MLS: Seeking to Rekindle His Love for the Game and Bring Happiness to His Family

Lionel Messi’s arrival in Major League Soccer (MLS) has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the league and the sport in the United States. His presence has drawn attention not only from dedicated football fans but also from the broader sports community. Messi’s star power, skill, and global popularity have elevated the profile of MLS and helped attract new fans and viewers. Additionally, his performances on the field have showcased the quality of play in the league, further solidifying MLS as a destination for top-tier talent.

Moving to the United States and the Major League Soccer (MLS) has, however, had a significant impact on Messi and his family.

Before the League Cup final, Messi spoke with Apple TV+ for the first time since joining Inter Miami. Tony Cherchi, a sportscaster, quizzed Messi about his intention to join David Beckham’s club and what factors influenced his decision. Messi discussed how difficult his two years with Paris Saint-Germain in France’s Ligue 1 were for his family.

Messi told Cherchi, “It was a family decision,” according to Apple TV+ translation. “We had been through two trying years.” The fact is that we hadn’t been feeling well. It was quite painful for the entire family.”

Coming to the United States, on the other hand, Messi described as “a little bit like going back to what we were in Barcelona, enjoying everyday life.” It was all about the kids and keeping the family together.”

Messi repоrtedly turned even greater оffers tо jоin Inter Miami, including оne fоr $1.6 billiоn frоm a Saudi Arabian club. He alsо rejected Eurоpean leagues with strоnger traditiоns, as MLS has tried tо shed its image as a “retirement league” fоr stars past their prime.

Of course, Messi will continue to make a lot of money in the United States, including a cut of Apple TV subscriber revenue. Nonetheless, in an interview ahead of the League Cup, Messi stated that he had rediscovered his passion of the game in MLS, saying that enjoying the day-to-day of the game “wasn’t happening” in Paris.

“My happiness was always playing football and being able to have fun with what I liked when I was a kid and what I had fun with all my life,” Messi said. “And today, I can continue to do it here, which was one of the reasons why I made the decision to return to enjoying what I had lost a little.”

Messi compared being with Inter Miami to his time on the Argentina National Football Team.

“My escapes tо the natiоnal team when I was called up, thоse were my happiest mоments because I enjоyed the place I was in, my teammates,” Messi said. “I wanted tо cоme here and find the same thing, and thank Gоd, I fоund it.”

In 2022, Messi won his first World Cup with the national team, leading Argentina to their third win overall.

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