Messi villa unimaginably luxurious

The unimaginable luxury and comfort is how the project honoring Argentine star Lionel Messi in Miami is called “La Mansion Messi”.

Messi villa unimaginably luxurious

Lionel Messi has indeed caused a fever with fans, especially the enthusiastic number of Inter Miami fans in the American Professional Soccer League (MLS). Not only in football, the inspiration named Messi also affects all aspects of life in Miami. Recently, famous architect Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana presented an impressive project in honor of the Argentine star, Messi in Miami, the southeastern city of the US.

The project is called “La Mansion Messi” (Messi Mansion), a project that, if actually implemented, would exceed all expectations, including Messi’s own. The massive super villa consists of 3 floors and is located on an exclusive boat-shaped island, offering privacy and prime location to the owner. It is luxuriously and comfortably designed with modern technology integrated. Besides, the villa has striking large pools, perfect for relaxing and enjoying Miami’s tropical climate. In addition, it has a large pier that allows yachts and other vessels to access, providing a great experience. “It will be the most valuable material Messi has,” Quintana said excitedly.

The super villa also has a beautiful luxury garage, while the garden terrace offers a peaceful and natural space to relax outdoors. The entertainment options inside the villa are also diverse, including a game room, an indoor cinema that offers a luxurious movie viewing experience without leaving the residence. One of the highlights of the project is 3 helipads, helping owners move flexibly at any time. For those who value panoramic views, they will be overwhelmed by the fact that “La Mansion Messi” offers beautiful 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape.

It should be known that despite being in a super apartment in the Porsche Design tower, Messi and his wife and children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro have the intention of moving to the ground in a house suitable for the family. The super luxury apartment that the 2022 World Cup winner’s family lives in is worth 8 million euros (equivalent to 200 billion VND). “Messi wants a suitable home at ground level, where there is nothing but safety and privacy for his family. They have already planned, but it is very complicated and not easy at all,” a source close to Messi revealed. In fact, through the recommendation of a real estate company, Messi and his beautiful wife Antonella have scored their favorite house in Miami. But in the end, Messi was stunned and could not reach the final when the landlord shouted the “excessively expensive” selling price of up to $ 70 million for this house.

In the context of still not finding a suitable house on the ground, maybe Messi will pour money to make the project of famous architect Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana a reality.

Some pictures of the project “La Mansion Messi”

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