Messi: The guy who thought he was only 1m4 tall became a 1m7 player, “monumental” muscles

Messi’s toned, solid body

From the boy suffering from lack of growth hormone….

Lionel Messi once opened up about his difficult journey, from an ordinary boy in Rosario to stardom in Barcelona in the Telegraph a few years ago. He loves football and wants to play, but this sport requires a very high physical foundation and many other skills.

Ironically, right from the first request (in terms of fitness), Messi was unable to meet. He shared: “When I was 11 years old, the doctor discovered that I had a growth hormone deficiency, which required treatment to be able to develop normally. Every night, I had needles inserted into my leg, overnight overnight. , day by day, for 3 years straight. I looked very small compared to my friends. When I went to school, I was always the smallest in the class.”

Every month, Messi’s family spends about 1,500 USD (more than 33 million VND) to treat him. The doctor said that without adequate medication, the superstar player would only be about 1m4 tall, but in fact he is now 1m7 tall. Although still a modest number compared to his colleagues, Messi makes people around him admire his ability to dribble and score goals.

Messi’s toned, muscular arms

Until the player with a strong body 

Genetic factors do not determine Messi’s current physicality, but it is the constant training that makes him successful at present. Players apply 2 training modes:

One is the set of instantaneous acceleration and linear speed. Messi combines a variety of exercises to increase strength such as squatting, jumping rope, jumping over obstacles, sprinting, jogging on the machine… These exercises help the legs of the “dwarf guy” turf” is more flexible and durable.

The second is movement in different directions. Lionel Messi practiced kicking, pulling cables, doing leg weights and jogging for 10 minutes. In addition to heavy training, he also participates in yoga classes to help relax his mind and regulate his body.

Messi’s body has no excess fat

In the past, when he first entered La Masia academy (the training center for young football players of Barca club), the striker nicknamed La Pulga Atomica (Atomic Flea) often felt tired and tired. Can’t keep up with teammates. Messi is weak but has to work too much, so he is exhausted. To overcome this problem, the player has exercised more bodybuilding at the gym and supplemented with food supplements in addition to closely following the physical development program of the academy.


Messi idolizes Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, so he often follows his seniors to the gym. The instructor Ronaldinho has guided Messi many effective exercises and has been followed by Messi until now. Almost every day Messi practices, never taking a break.

Messi really idolizes Ronaldinho and does physical training with his seniors

In addition to rigorous training, Messi also combines a scientific diet, especially the period about to “go to battle”.

Before 10 days of football matches, Messi often applies a high-starch menu, supplemented with protein 3 times a day, plus drinking lots of water.

Up to 5 days before the match, Messi in addition to eating as above also added a bowl of vegetable soup before each meal. Vegetable soup must contain turmeric, chili, coriander and ginger as they help to improve blood circulation.

If there is 1 day left before the match, Messi eats an afternoon snack. He eats mainly fish, shrimp, chicken, boiled potatoes, green vegetables and fruits. 6 hours before the match, Messi “invested in sleeping” instead of waking up to eat. You stay away from starch for now. With 90 minutes left before the game, Messi likes to eat fruits such as bananas, mangoes, apples, … because they are rich in fiber and low in sugar.

A colleague said, things did not come naturally to Messi, Messi had to try harder than others. Thanks to the above training secrets, Messi has such good physical strength.

Image of Messi in physical training courses

He jumps over obstacles to strengthen his legs

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