Messi Reveals Heartfelt Decision to Leave Beloved Dog Hulk Behind in Barcelona-Miami Move ‎

At the time, Messi joyfully shared the news of a new addition to his family, writing, “‘New member of my family,’ Messi wrote at the time.

‘Thanks, love, for this beautiful gift.’” He and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, regularly posted pictures and videos of the dog on social media. However, they haven’t shared updates since 2021, when Messi was playing for PSG and traveled back to Spain to recover from an injury.

Lionel Messi opens up after painful family decision when joining Inter Miami  - Mirror Online

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner expressed concern about the amount of stress the ongoing cross-continent move in July might impose on Hulk, the dog. Messi told Grandados that Hulk ‘is on the verge’ and may need to be put to sleep.

Lionel Messi shares a cuddle with dog Hulk and sons Thiago and Mateo| All  Football


Messi rests at his Barcelona home with the family pet dog, Hulk, a seven-year-old Bordeaux mastiff.Messi's move to Miami forced family to leave behind Hulk ...


Messi’s pet Bordeaux Mastiff, Hulk, is seven years old. These dogs typically have a lifespan of five to eight years, but in some cases, they can live up to 11 years.

Lionel Messi cuddles up to beloved dog as Barcelona star relaxes at home |  The Sun


Messi plays with Hulk at the family’s home. For now, Hulk is being looked after by the staff at the luxurious home in Castelldefels, a suburb 12 miles away from Camp Nou. Bordeaux mastiffs grow to be 27 inches tall and weigh 110 pounds. They have a lifespan of five to eight years, although some may live up to 11 years.


Currently, Hulk is being cared for by the staff at the luxurious home in Castelldefels, which is located in a suburb 12 miles away from Camp Nou. Meanwhile, Messi has become the face of MLS in the US as he plays for Inter Miami CF.

 There is nothing like a good cuddle on Valentine's Day!

During the interview, Messi shared that the family wakes up on school days at 7 a.m. for a group breakfast and drops off his three sons, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. He and his wife return home for a nap or to catch up on their favorite shows. On other days, he heads over for a morning workout with Inter Miami. Around 3 p.m., they both pick up the children before taking Thiago and Mateo to soccer practice at the club’s academy.


Messi also revealed the possibility of expanding the family. “We would like,” he said. “We are not in the search, but we would like it if the girl arrived.”

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