Messi Arrives in El Salvador, Ready for Upcoming Match with Unmissable Presence of His ‘Highly Reliable’ Bodyguard

Immediately after Copa America 2019 ended, the Argentine superstar packed his suitcase with his wife and three sons and headed to the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda (the Caribbean Sea) to enjoy their summer vacation. Perhaps not wanting to attract attention, Messi did not update any photos about this trip on his personal page.

It wasn’t until July 12 that his wife Antonella stopped fans from being curious with a photo posted on her Instagram page with nearly 10 million followers. Here, the four members of the Messi family were all beaming in front of the camera, except for the youngest brother, Ciro, who was still busy playing around.

Immediately, the photo above received more than 1.7 million likes and thousands of comments. Not only did they see the happiness that exists in Messi’s small family, but fans also suddenly realized how similar the three boys were to the original.

- Photo 1.Messi's luxury holiday resort where private villas cost £5k per night| All  Football

Messi’s family photo was posted by Antonella on her personal account. Photo: Instagram.

- Photo 2.

Antonella’s hot curves. Photo: Instagram.

“I see in the picture are 3 miniature Messis,” one account exclaimed.

“Wow, I can’t remember how many hat-tricks Messi has scored in his career but this is definitely the hat-trick he likes the most,” another person commented humorously.

“The appearance is so similar, I hope the three boys also inherit Messi’s genius qualities. If so, this would be a great thing.”

The vacation in the Caribbean is considered a valuable time to help Messi regain balance after the not very successful Copa America. Not only did he have an unconvincing performance, the 32-year-old superstar also received a red card in the third-place match against Chile. Inappropriate statements after the competition ended caused Messi to face punishment from the South American Football Federation.

- Photo 3.

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