‘LIONEL MESSI sweat smells like perfume’ – Jen McCarty, wife of Dax McCarty shared Lionel’s shirt after her husband was lucky to bring it home

The Wag of MLS star Dax McCarty claims that LIONEL MESSI’S perspiration has a cologne-like odor.

After the Leagues Cup final, the Nashville midfielder had the good fortune to obtain Messi’s shirt.

3Dax McCarty managed to get his hands on Lionel Messi’s matchworn shirtCredit: Instagram @Daxmccarty

3Jen McCarty said the top smelled of cologneCredit: Instagram @jen.zyski.mccarty

3Messi scored twice in the final including one in the penalty shoot-out to claim his 44th trophyCredit: Reuters

Messi scored in the 1-1 draw with Inter Miami winning 10-9 on penalties to hand the superstar the 44th trophy of his career.

But McCarty was not too downbeat after the match as he took Messi’s shirt home and warned his wife he would frame it.

He shared the photo on Instagram, writing: “Love my guys, proud of this group.

“Jen McCarty, sorry but last slide is going in a frame above the bed.”

Jen replied in the comments saying: “No chance that’s happening.”

She posted the same photo on Twitter alongside the caption: “We smelled it. It smells like he sweats straight cologne!”

Messi, 36, scored a stunning goal in the final to continue his brilliant start in MLS – he now has ten goals in seven games for Inter Miami.

The Argentine also converted the opening spot kick for his side in the shoot-out as they went on to claim their first trophy since their foundation in 2020.

And Messi followed up his star turn in the game with a classy gesture before the team’s trophy lift.

The new Inter Miami captain placed his armband on his predecessor DeAndre Yedlin’s arm and insisted on doing a joint lift of the Leagues Cup with the American.

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