How Screens Transform the Human Body into Unfamiliar Animals

Determined to act like a parrot, he accepted surgery to remove his ears and split his tongue. At the same time, his body is filled with about 110 tattoos and 50 other metal accessories. Even the name, he wanted to change to Ted Parrotman.

2. Tiger man

Ms. Dennis Avner is currently a former US Navy, Nevada state. For some reason or simply because of her fondness for tigers, she asked the government to allow her to undergo facial surgery to become more like a tiger. As a result, she had to undergo 14 surgeries such as a split upper lip, forehead implants, botox or silicone implants on her cheeks, sharpening her fangs and getting a tiger skin tattoo.

Not only changing her face, Avner also raised her claws and tattooed all over her body to be more convincing. Avner shared that she loves nature and wants to turn into a tiger to feel the love of mother earth.

In November 2012, depression caused Ms. Avner to commit suicide at the age of 54.

3. Reporter

Larry Da Leopard is a professional tattoo artist, currently living in Austin, Texas, USA. Because he loves leopards so much, he decided to spend 9,000 USD to tattoo 1000 leopard spots on his body. The leopard print pattern is tattooed almost all of his body, leaving only the navel area and other areas that cannot be tattooed.

He shared that he will not stop here but will continue to tattoo more. Partly to satisfy his passion, partly to advertise his tattoo shop. It is known that he has been recognized by the Guinness World Record as the man with the most tattoos in the world.

4. Zebra Man

Horace Ridler (1892 – 1969) was an English performer and is known as the oldest mutant who aspired to be a beast. He specializes in performing in horror and horror shows. People also call him with the nickname: “Zebra Man”.

During 37 years from 1927 to 1964, Horace Ridler spent 3000 USD to tattoo his whole body in zebra motifs and lengthen his ears to wear large jewelry.

In addition, he also chiseled the nasal septum to wear more jewelry and sharpened his sharp teeth. When performing, he often wears sparkling, colorful costumes. Rider died in 1969.

5. Lizardman

Erik Sprague, born 1972 in Texas, USA. He decided to sharpen his teeth, implant horns on his forehead, split his tongue and tattoo his whole body to resemble a lizard.

With his unusual appearance, he has appeared in television shows, including the show of Tyra Banks. In addition, the rock group Lizard Skynyrd to which he is a member also released an album in 2010 and toured the world.

Erik also wishes to transplant more tails but it seems impossible.

6. Tigress man

Katzen Hobbes is a circus performer in Austin, Texas. From an early age, she loved and wanted to become a tiger. To fulfill this dream, she got tattoos and piercings all over her body. She even wore a horse mustache over her face to look like a tiger’s mustache. However, she does not wear it often because it limits her vision.

Because it was impossible to pierce a beard continuously like that, Katzen cut the skin on her face to fake a beard. Katzen currently works at a tattoo parlor in Texas.

7. Horned man

Kala Kaiwi is famous as a pierced and tattooed man with 67 piercings and the number of tattoos covering almost 75% of his body. In addition, he dilated his ears more than 10cm.

He also used metal inserted into the skull to shape the horn, although it was easy to cause complications. It is known that he set a world record for the largest horn transplant. In addition, he also has a very scary forked tongue even though it has nothing to do with the zebra.

8. Female Vampire

Surely you will be surprised because Maria Jose Cristerna is not only a performer but also a lawyer, currently 41 years old and living in Mexico.

Having suffered abuse from her family as a child, she thought that only by transforming into a vampire would she be truly freed.

In addition to sharpening her teeth, her body is also covered with tattoos and she also has titanium implants under the skin of her forehead to create horns. This terrifying appearance did indeed help her live a normal life again.

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