Hidden Riches Revealed: Spectacular Exhibitions of Rare and Elusive Cargo Leave Onlookers Awestruck

Many people still cannot understand why small cars can carry so many bulky items.

A rudimentary cyclo can carry the chassis of a car.

Dozens of bananas on an old box truck.

Oversized wooden slats seem to be dragged along the road.

The bicycle towing the trailer was a “mountain” of scrap sacks.

Hundreds of cans are loaded onto a motorbike.

The image is often seen on the streets of Vietnam when a cub truck carries hundreds of eggs, but it will be a strange thing for Western guests.

And the Western guests also “admired” the skill of driving and carrying such a long iron frame.

It seems that this woman can still carry more Styrofoam boxes?!

It’s still styrofoam, it’s just a matter of how to arrange it neatly and go!

A homemade tricycle to carry a huge pile of scrap.

It looks so big, but it’s so light!!!

Many people still cannot explain why a truck can carry so much.

The truck was long, but the rear cargo was more than twice as long.

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