Haaland reveals sleep habits… monstrosities help prolific with Man City

”I think sleep is the most important thing in the world. To get a good night’s sleep, simple things like glasses blocking blue light, turning off all signals in the bedroom, I think are very important,” the Norwegian striker shared.

Haaland arrived and Pep Guardiola was finally able to pull off a treble with City. In the photo are 2 teachers and students with the European Super Cup

He added: “Try putting tape in your mouth. I do it while I’m sleeping. It’s often not good to do a lot of things, but doing small things every day for long periods of time really works.”

Công nghệ đằng sau giấc ngủ của "siêu nhân" Haaland: Chiếc kính và nhẫn cực kỳ đặc biệt

Haaland explaine that he does something “monstrous” during sleep to maximise nasal breathing and that exposure to blue light sources can interfere with sleep.

Haaland’s bizarre habits are clearly highly effective, considering his achievements in his first season with City, with 52 goals in 53 games, contributing significantly to the spectacular treble (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League) of the blue shirt team.

Haaland has just been named PFA Player of the Year. He is currently a strong contender for the 2023 Ballon d’Or with the winner announced next October

The 23-year-old striker himself set a series of records in the Premier League, where he was the top scorer, the best player in the league of both the BTC and the English Football Players Association (PFA).

In the new season, Haaland also has 3 goals, with Man City as the only team to win after 3 Premier League matches 2023/14.

Haaland is known as a star on the pitch with a healthy lifestyle, very interested in diet, sleep, rest, which he learned from Cristiano Ronaldo.

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