Fifteen Striking Moments Exposing Mother Nature’s Disapproval Of Humanity’s Influence ‎

The passage of Hurricane Ophelia left an orchard in Ireland looking like a carpet of apples.
It seemed like a human-arranged piece of art, but no, it was Mother Nature’s arrangement during the intense storm Xavier.
The waterfalls even froze in the face of the dreadful cold brought by the Snow Queen.
The layer of ice formed on a lake in Switzerland inadvertently created a beautiful abstract painting.
Seeing a rainbow is already difficult; seeing four concentric rainbows is exponentially more challenging.
The massive migration of giant spiders draped the field in a blanket of glistening silk.
Despite the eroded soil, this ancient baobab tree stands tall amidst the barren land of Tanzania.
Not only the air, but also these massive methane ice chunks could unexpectedly explode at any moment.
More terrifying than tornadoes, lava spouts have the potential to obliterate anything in their path.
After the earthquake, even seemingly permanent fixtures like train tracks succumb to the power of Mother Nature.
In the Algerian desert, the mix of sand and snow inadvertently formed a colossal ‘tiramisu cake’.
Hurricane Matthew overturned everything in its path, even the sprawling carpet of grass.
‘Do not eat’. Sorry, the trees haven’t attended any eraser-cap class.
It seems like the gods are flushing the toilet of heaven as a way to vent their anger at human transgressions.
The rain falls in patches, and the snow falls in stripes. This is a stripe of snow running across Ohio, USA.

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