Explorer’s Astonishment: Discovery of ‘Knights Templar’ Cave Beneath a Tree Leaves Him Speechless

YouTuber Brendan James was stunned to find himself down a creepy rabbit hole when he found the hidden cave under a tree in a quiet corner of the English countryside

The Knights Templar lived as strict Christians

An urban explorer filmed the moment he discovered an ancient cave hidden under a tree root, believed to be used by Knights Templars for rituals, along with other mysterious items.

Brendan James, a YouTuber who creates videos showing himself exploring fascinating parts of the UK, got himself into an eerie, yet majestic rabbit hole to find a piece of British history and potentially traces of paganism.

When the 29-year-old explorer had been informed by an acquaintance that a special site in Shifnal, Shropshire was home to some of the Knights Templars’ rituals, he brought his camera and a friend, Josh, along to go see and film it for himself.

Brendan’s vieo, which was uploaded last week, shows himself and his exploration partner getting inside a tiny opening located in the Shifnal woods, leading them into an impressive cave, filled with tunnels and various passageways.

“It felt as though I had only just woken up,” Brendan said after describing what it was like crawling out of the cave (Image: Birmingham Live)

In what the YouTuber explained to be over 700 years old caves, he believed the one he had gotten himself into had been used for Knights Templars’ rituals, before his friend claimed the ancient Catholic military would also perform black magic.

Located under a tree root, the site was still adorned with some mysterious symbols and cryptic writings. The full-time content creator was even surprised to see several candles left behind.

“Been there myself, whatever it is it’s very spooky,” a person commented on Brendan’s YouTube video (Image: Birmingham Live)

Brendan’s video, which has now been viewed nearly 3,000 times, captured the moment his professional filming light inexplicably switched off. Both men were in disbelief, as Brendan assured he had brought five fully charged batteries with him.

Josh was filmed saying “It’s haunted down here” before pointing out the impressive fact that the cave still had the Knights Templars’ original markings.

The cave is believed to be the home to some of the Knights Templars’ rituals (Image: Birmingham Live)

The camera went on to lay its lens on a man’s passport photo, which had been mysteriously placed on one of the cave’s dents. Brendan read the name “Paul Jones” before asking his friend if he knew who the unidentified person might have been.

The video, which is entitled “Secret Knights Templar Caves Found Hidden In Woods! WARNING CREEPY!” on YouTube, received multiple comments from history enthusiasts, with some subscribers commenting on the possibility of the cave being haunted.

“Been there myself, whatever it is it’s very spooky. The dogs wouldn’t go in, kept whimpering. Not sure I would want to know the history,” a person commented.

Brendan explained to the Birmingham Mail that he was not sure what to expect when he first decided to explore the historical site along with Josh, but that it ended up being an incredible experience.

He said: “We went into it, and it is a small crawl space which leads to a huge sandstone cave system which you wouldn’t think in a million years would be there.”

The content creator went on to reveal how stunned the experience had left him, once he climbed back out the site which he believed to be some sort of ritual room.

“I didn’t think I was claustrophobic before I went down there – I was thankful to get out,” Brendan said.

He added: “It was disorientating to come out of somewhere so dark back into the daylight,”

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