Examining Lionel Messi’s Life in Miami: The Reason He Flatly Refused the Arab Giants’ $1.9 Billion Offer

Lionel Messi is entering an exciting new phase of his life since his move to Miami. Not only has he excelled on the field with top-notch performances, but his elevated status has also opened doors in other industries.

Messi, who plays for Inter Miami, is making waves in the fashion world. He recently turned heads with his latest accessory, a Patek Philippe Aquanaut chronograph, showcasing his taste for luxury timepieces. This move into the world of high-end watches adds to his growing image as a style icon.

Prior to this, Messi grabbed headlines when he and Cristiano Ronaldo starred together in a Louis Vuitton commercial, further solidifying their status as global fashion influencers. These ventures outside of football highlight Messi’s expanding presence and influence beyond the pitch, marking an exciting chapter in his career and personal brand.

Messi bị đau ở gót chân, Inter Miami toát mồ hôi

He frequently makes an appearance beside David Beckham at upscale gatherings and parties. Victoria Beckham and Antonela Roccuzzo, the wives of two legendary football players, also went out together over the weekend.‏

Since relocating to Miami, Lionel Messi hasn’t just been on fire offensively (10 goals in 7 games) but has also won the 2023 Leagues Cup. Fans might see that he appears to be utilizing his time effectively. Have a fantastic time while it lasts. According to CBS News, the football player makes between $50 million and $60 million USD per season playing for Inter Miami, therefore it is understandable why he has recently been willing to spend a lot on his pricey pleasures.‏

Miami Real Estate for Millionaires‏

Messi and his family are currently residing in a $9 million condominium in Miami’s Porsche Design Tower, according to the Spanish news source Cadena Ser. The vehicle elevator, which enables occupants to park their cars inside their rooms, is the building’s standout feature.‏

A system of translucent glass windows in Messi’s residence runs from the ceiling to the floor, providing a stunning view of Sunny Isles Beach. Additionally, a movie theater, golf course, and racing simulator are rumored to be on-site.

‏This luxury apartment complex has a car elevator (Image: Getty Images)‏

The Real Deal claims that the celebrity is also considering a larger $30 million property in Fort Lauderdale. He was seen strolling across the grounds with Antonella Roccuzzo, his wife.‏

The new mansion will serve as a private base for a family of five while they are visiting America. It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, and a helipad. It is also situated in a private community with guards patrolling the perimeter.

‏Luxury vacations in the Caribbean‏

Mess’s family vacationed in the Caribbean, a region referred to as a “resort paradise,” before to signing a formal deal with the team.The image of the couple walking hand in hand along a white sand beach that Roccuzzo uploaded on Instagram among others soon garnered attention.‏

Even though he just made a fleeting appearance, Messi stood out in a pair of $500 green Balmain swimming trunks next to his family’s personal pool.Another image shows the 36-year-old celebrity strolling along the street while sporting a pair of Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama sneakers.

‏Lionel Messi poses in Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama sneakers with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo during their recent Caribbean vacation. Photo: Louis Vuitton; @leomessi/Instagram‏

As can be seen, Louis Vuitton items are necessary for Messi’s travel luggage to be complete. After working with this company to participate in a string of viral advertising featuring Cristiano Ronaldo last November, this is an understandable move. The two people are pictured in that picture playing chess on top of a Louis Vuitton chest. According to WWD, one of the potential heirs to the LVMH business, Antoine Arnault, is reported to have created this advertisement as his “masterpiece”.‏

Join the Beckham family for a party‏

Since purchasing Inter Miami in 2021, David Beckham has sought out some of the best players in the world to improve the club’s performance and build an American team that can compete on the international level. a global school. That desire gradually came true after the decision to sign Messi. The two get closer as a result and frequently appear together in events. The spouses of both men grew close.

Beckham shared a picture of supper with Victoria, Messi, Roccuzzo, Inter Miami midfielder Sergio Busquets, and his wife Elena Galera in a public setting. The storied celebrity referred to it as “la cena perfecta” (the ideal dinner).

‏Photo: Instagram‏

‏Luxury watch collection ‏

Messi wore a rose gold Aquanaut Factory watch from Patek Philippe’s women’s collection, embellished with 40 sapphires in “rainbow” colors, to the Inter Miami premiere. This is also the first automatic chronograph in Patek’s women’s line, according to NYC’s Hodinkee.‏

This celebrity changes the watch models she wears depending on the situation. He wore an 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus along with his brand-new pink Inter Miami suit on an early August flight.

‏Lionel Messi wearing the Patek Philippe Novelty, Nautilus 5712/1R watch in 18K rose gold. Photo: @CrewsMat10/Twitter‏

When he showed up for a match, he once more dazzled spectators with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph reference 5968G on a dark blue rubber band. He wore another Nautilus later, at Gekk, this time an 18k white gold model with a perpetual calendar, which is estimated to be worth $240,000.

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