Every Father Has the Potential to Be a Great Dad, Just Like Messi: Redefining Fatherhood

Maybe a good soccer player like Messi was not born, but any man can be a great father to his children, just like Messi.

Lionel Messi has won his first title in an Inter Miami shirt. Messi became the player with the most collective titles in the history of football. Well, we probably don’t care how many goals Messi has scored, how many Cups have won.

Messi is a genius, a legend, a great in the football world. Messi said that he came to America to enjoy, and so do we, watching Messi play, which is the enjoyment of hundreds of millions of football followers on this planet.

Bất cứ người đàn ông nào cũng có thể cạnh tranh với Messi làm ông bố tuyệt với - Ảnh 1.

Messi is enjoying football, with the support of his wife and children

In the picture of Messi playing the final match in the US, his wife and children sit right next to the touchline to cheer. He turned to celebrate with his wife and children. This photo can put a funny caption following the “trend” on social networks: at the weekend, while many other fathers are still holding their children to sleep, one father is still working to earn money to support his children, specifically soccer.

Of course, that’s just a joke, Messi now no longer needs money and titles. What Messi wants in two words “enjoy”, which is to enjoy time with his family, to live like a normal person, and to be able to take his wife to the market. Messi said I come here not only to play football but also to do everyday things with my wife and children.

Bất cứ người đàn ông nào cũng có thể cạnh tranh với Messi làm ông bố tuyệt với - Ảnh 2.

Going to the US, Messi can do a normal thing, which is to take his wife to the market

Coming to the US – where football is not the number 1 sport, Messi was able to take his wife Antonela and three boys Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro to shop at a supermarket, which is not possible when living in Paris or other places where the fierce competition in football took up all of his time.

Going to the US to play football, the best player in the world launched a new style of goal celebration, modeled on Marvel’s superheroes. People see Messi celebrating the goal with his arms crossed at his chest like “black panther” Black Panther and then “shooting silk” as cool as Spider-Man.

With Messi, any action is worth it, paid millions of dollars. Many people have questioned that the Argentinian legend is paid by the “Marvel universe” to promote, or maybe more specifically, Lionel may appear in a project, a superhero movie.

Not. It all comes from the request of the boys at home.

“My three boys are still at home, on vacation, not going to school, and so we watch Marvel superhero movies every night. The kids came up with the idea that every time we watched them Any movie will follow that superhero to celebrate, and I do it to please them.”

Bất cứ người đàn ông nào cũng có thể cạnh tranh với Messi làm ông bố tuyệt với - Ảnh 3.

Messi does these “games”, at the request of 3 boys

It turns out that the great Messi is just like the normal dads around the world, just like us. Wearing shorts and T-shirts, taking his wife to the market, coming home to play with the children at night, watching movies with them, and responding to the fun games that the children present.

In an interview, Lionel once said that “Having children is really the greatest happiness in life. Many times I feel regret for not having more time with my children. Finish each game. When I fight, I don’t want to do anything but go home and play with them. Sometimes they drive me crazy too, I also have times when I get angry with my children.”

Football career aside, Messi has a wife with love from childhood. Messi has kids who are also naughty, play tricks, and are growing up day by day. After all, every man will realize that moments with family, with children, are always the most important and wonderful.

Messi được vợ hôn ngọt ngào mừng Inter Miami giành Leagues Cup

Messi is also different from millions of fathers in this world – fathers who are still learning how and striving to be a good fathers.

Memories with the father will follow the child for the rest of his life, we don’t play football as well as Messi, we don’t have a great career like Messi, but we play fun games with our children, like doing gestures. Marvel superhero, who can’t do it.

In addition to being the best player in the world, Messi is also a “normal but great” dad. Any man can become a “great father – of his children” if he wants to.

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