Even Ronaldo must be impressed with the most powerful supercars that Messi has in his garage for $600m ‎

It should come as no surprise that Lionel Messi, who is the second highest paid athlete in the world and has an estimated fortune of $ 600 million (according to Celebrity Net Worth), owns the most expensive collection of cars in the sports world. Messi’s collection includes a Ferrari 335 S Scaglietti Spider that is worth $36 million (or the equivalent in Vietnamese Dong, which is VND 846 billion)



According to Supercar Blondie, the cost of this vehicle is greater than what the retired professional basketball player Michael Jordan earned while playing for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) for the entirety of a single season. To be more specific, the famous Michael Jordan made “only” $33 million during the 1997–1998 NBA season, which was the equivalent of $775 billion at the time. This made him the highest paid basketball player in the NBA at the time.

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