CIN 3 (4)- (5) 3 MIA (SEMI-FINAL): The effort was rewarded as Miami excellently overcame Cincinnati in the penalty shootout. Congratulations to Miami’s victory

Starting lineup of FC Cincinnati

Starting lineup of INTER MIAMI


Inter straightaway gets the hold of the possession and Campana makes a run, but the defence line has intercepted him on time.


Gomez tried for a long-range effort from near the halfway mark but he failed to give his shot direction and as a result, the possession went to Cincinnati.


Busquets has been challenged down by Acousta and he finds himself on the ground.


There was a stoppage in the play after Gomez was on the ground after a one-on-one with Arias.


Messi tries to make a play from the midfield as he gives a through ball to Busquets who passes it to Alba, who came forward from the defence line but the ball went wide of him.


Brilliant defending by Hogglund as he clears the ball and stops the Miami’s threatening run from the left flank led by Messi.


Vazquez finds himself alone with the ball and he decides to commit but a weak shot from an awkward position returns the possession back to Miami.

18’ Acosta puts Cincinnati in lead!

GOALLLLLL! It is number 10, but for FC Cincinnati Luciano Acosta! He gets the better of Miami’s poor defence this time. He goes for a solo run after getting the ball from the left flank from Boupendza and hits a shot which gets deflected but to his luck, he gets the ball on the rebound and finds the back of the net to put men in blue in the lead!



OFF SIDE: Cincinnati could have scored another as the ball went past keeper Callender for the second time in the last two minutes but this time, the offside flag is up and saves the Messi-led Miami.


YELLOW CARD: Jordi Alba and Jean Mota are in a verbal spat with the referee who books Mota for a foul on Cincinnati no. 13 Arias.


Another free kick for Cincinnati after a foul on Brandon Vazquez. They look to penetrate the defence once again but Miami gets the possession with a timely interception.


A throw-in for Miami after Arias shoots the ball wide and out of play.


YELLOW CARD: Cincinnati’s Obinna Nwobodo gets the card from the referee this time as he pushes Gomez on the ground who made a tough challenge from behind on goalscorer Acosta.


A small halt due to the extreme heat as players are off the ground rehydrating themselves.


Kryvstov has been thumped down to the ground during the contest to win the ball. He finds himself in pain and another halt in the match as he seeks medical attention.


Medical team is on the field and they take Kryvstov on the sidelines to further check on him.


CORNER KICK: Messi takes a short corner and chooses to pass to Mota who delivers a lofted ball inside the box, directing it towards the goal post but a clean collection from keeper Kann save keeps things under control for Cincinnati.


YELLOW CARD: Second booking for Miami as Jean Mota sees a yellow card after fouling on Cincinnati midfielder.


Six additional minutes have been added after the 45 minutes.


Mota takes a long ranger but it went way too wide of post.


Messi, Campana Mota and Aviles are trying to keep possession while slowly transitioning into a run from the left flank. Another save from Kann.


Cincinnati goes for a quick forward press at the stroke of halftime and Acosta takes a weak straightforward shot which is collected safely by Callender as we come to the end of the first half with the home team leading 1-0 after 45 minutes of play.


Sergio Busquets wins the ball in the midfield and tries to pass it to Campana who was in a good position to possibly try for some penetrative runs but Cincinnati wins the ball.


Boupendza shoulders Jean Mota and the referee warns him for this tackle from behind

53′ Vazquez doubles Cincinnati lead!

GOALLLLLLL! Vasquez doubles the lead of Cincinnati. Messi ran down the central channel to look for his first goal but an interception then a quick run from Cincinnati shocked the away team as Vasquez who received the ball in the final third made no mistakes to put the ball past keeper Callender.



Messi makes another run, this time from the left flank. He could not find any space and squeeze the ball into Busquets who passed it to Alba whose curling ball is saved safely by Cincinnati keeper Kann.

59’ Sub for Miami

Kamal Miller makes way for Robert Taylor

Jean Mota sub by David Luiz

DeAndre Yedlin goes out as Facundo Farías comes in

62’ Cincinnati makes substitution

Kubo replaces Boupendza


Kubo makes the first impact touch on the ball as he finds himself ahead of the defensive line of Miami and takes a shot but easily saved by Callender this time.


CORNER KICK: Cincinnati wins Coner which was wasted by goalscorer Acosta who shoots it wide and behind the post.

67’ Campala makes it 1-2 for Miami

GOALLLLLL! Leonardo Campana scores to cut Cincinnati’s lead! Messi’s curling lofted ball was headed in by Campana perfectly this time to put his name in the scoresheet. First set-piece conversion by Miami and they need more of it.



FREE KICK: A free kick for Cincinnati in a possibly dangerous position near the box. A curling shot but Callender makes a lovely save at the top right corner of the box to deny Cincinnati their third goal.

76’ Sub for Cincinnati

Sergio Santos comes in for Brandon Vaquez.

78′ 2 changes for Miami

Diego Gomez goes out as Josef Martinez comes in for him

Noah Allen replaces Tomas Aviles


YELLOW CARD: Serhiy Kryvstov makes a hard challenge on Barreal and gets himself booked with a yellow card. Third booking for Inter Miami in this game.


Sergio Santos is on the left flank with the ball but he fails to cross it Kubo and Maimi pounces on it to get the ball back.


YELLOW CARD: Luciano Acosta pushes Campana from behind and the referee wastes no time to penalise this unnecessary challenge.


Cincinnati coach Pat Noonan is making multiple changes with minutes left in the clock.

89’ Subs for Cincinnati

Ian Murphy comes in for Alavs Powell

Raymon Gaddis replaces Luciano Acosta

Moreno replaces Angulo


8 minutes of extra time has been added after 90 minutes of regulation time.


Sergio Santos passes to Kubo who nearly scored the third goal for Cincinnati but Callender saves another.


Facundo Farias chipped the ball in over Powell who conceded a corner-kick. Messi takes the set-piece but Cincinnati is able to deny the run and goes for a counterattack quickly.


GOALLLLLLLLLLL! Leonardo Campana scores and he is assisted by none other than Messi! Who is writing the script for this match? Campana scores second to equalise at the very last minute and this match is going to the extra time!



93’ Martinez puts Miami in lead

GOALLLLLL! Martinez scores to put Miami in the lead for the first time in the match! A poor pass from Cincinnati defender, which directly goes to Messi, who passes it to the central channel and Miami gets the third goal to turn the table in their favour.




Callender makes a solid save to deny Cincinnati an equaliser.


CORNER KICK: Cincinnati is putting Miami under constant pressure with back-to-back runs. This time they win a corner, Kubo takes the set-piece and Santos’ shot hits the bar as Miami gets a lucky save.


The first half of extra time comes to an end with the visiting team getting into the lead with Martinez’s goal.


Inter Miami wins a free kick after Cincinnati defender makes a foul on Farias.


SAVE! Another save by Callender and even though he conceded two goals, the Miami keeper looked good for the majority part of the match.

113’ Kubo equalises for Cincinnati

GOALLLLLLLL! As soon as we spoke about Challender, he conceded a goal which gave Cincinnati an equaliser. Yaya Kubo places himself in a perfect position to deceive the keeper and bring parity to the scoreline.



FREE KICK: Messi takes a free kick from a dangerous position after Miami won a foul. He takes a shot and delivers a looping ball over the defensive ball but is saved by the keeper.


That’s the end of the 120 minutes of crazy roller-coaster football and the match will go to penalties now! What a match we are witnessing.

Penalties – CIN 4-5 MIA

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