One of the hottest wrestlers in the industry, Chelsea Green is ready to raise some heat with the unveiling of her brand-new calendar. The unbelievably stunning wrestler collaborated with photographer J.R. Hutter to produce steamy content for her new calendar full of some of the model’s best, most sensual images.

Chelsea Green

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Chelsea Green is rising in the ranks of being one of the most iconic and memorable wrestlers in the industry, with a fierce presence and an incredible physique to boot. She’s also leveling up her content on social media, going in a daring and bold route that her fans are very, very appreciative of.

Fans of course can expect the dedicated, hardworking, and effortlessly sensual Chelsea Green’s calendar content to meet expectations, as some content shared by both her and Hutter has garnered positive responses in the comments section.

Chelsea Green

Green got complimented for being “body goals” and these sneak peeks have been getting her lots of love from her admirers and fans of her wrestling and modeling endeavors. Comments like “She looks great”, “O M (MF) G!” and “Now that’s what I call heel heat” are just par for the course and completely understandable given the charms she exudes.

Her calendar looks to hold a bunch of tastefully sensual and beautiful shots of the ethereal beauty herself sporting swimwear themed for each season. When it comes to going both big and bold, Green is no stranger to either notion. After having been featured on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine (buy the Chelsea Green issue), this beauty and beast combo is not only raising some heat on social media but is raising the bar for her content.

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