Bodybuilder dubbed ‘ripped Kendall Jenner’ earns fortune from arm-wrestling clips

Vladislava Galagan began hitting the gym 11 years ago and she’s taken part in many bodybuilding compeтιтions since. Now the 27-year-old is earning a fortune from her arm-wrestling videos

A female bodybuilder dubbed “Kendall Jenner on steroids” is racking in a fortune from her arm-wrestling videos.

Vladislava Galagan started hitting the gym around 11 years ago – and now the rest is history.

The 27-year-old, from Russia but lives in Czech Republic, turned to bodybuilding compeтιтions and started fitness modelling in 2018.

But a year before she decided to share snaps and videos of her flexing her physique on Patreon.

While she developed a huge following, many fans claimed she looks like a shredded Kendall Jenner.

She said: “When I joined social media, I learned there are so many men who like tall, strong muscular women with a nice face too.

“People tell me my muscles are PH๏τoshopped because they can’t believe someone who looks like me could be so strong.

“But I’m not some vanilla bodybuilder – I’m a fitness model that kicks a**.”

Vladislava turned to a strict diet and workout routine since she began competing in bodybuilding compeтιтions over a decade ago.

She visits the gym at least six times a week, training for around an hour and a half each time, and eats a protein-heavy diet.

The model gorges four meals a day to make sure she consumes over 100g of protein which features beef, eggs, turkey and chicken.

To maximise her efforts, Vladislava also takes performance-enhancing drugs but claimed there’s no “magic pill”.

In 2016, the model started an Instagram account to share her gym progress pictures.

She also began doing fitness modelling and due to her toned physique she fed into a particular “fetish around muscly women”.

As well as contributing to a platform called “Her Biceps”, she set up a Patreon for people to subscribe to exclusive content.

She gushed: “I’m muscular and good looking, it sells really well. So many people think it’s CGI or PH๏τoshop, but it’s not.

“I wear see-through lingerie, leather and latex, but I don’t do anything explicit – I just imply.

“I also do arm wrestling videos – people like those.”

As her subscription platforms and her social media grew, there was one particular recurring comment.

She’s often told she looks like a muscly version of reality star Kendall.

On TikTok, one said: “She’s like a buff Kendall… I’m all for it.”

Another commented: “Face of Kendall Jenner, body of Chris Evans [from Captain America].”

She receives these comments daily – although she doesn’t personally agree.

Vladislava said: “I don’t really know how they see it. I guess there are some similarities.

“It’s not how I brand myself, but they like a mix of my face and my body.”

Thanks to “hitting the sweet spot” combining looks and physique, she takes home five-figure pay checks each month.

“I feel like I won the lottery,” she added.

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