Argentina team changes game so Messi still attends 2026 World Cup at 40

President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio Tapia said that the team and Messi himself are making changes, so that the player will still participate in the 2026 World Cup.

“I dreamed and envisioned the day Messi would play at the 2026 World Cup. In fact, given the physical condition he’s showing right now. I believe Messi will very easily play another World Cup,” Claudio Tapia said at the Sport Summit Leaders event, held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on September 5.

Argentina team changes play for Messi to attend the 2026 World Cup - Photo 1.

AFA President Cludio Tapia (right) welcomes Messi upon his return to the Argentina team

“I see Messi changing and playing in the position he wants when he is almost 40 years old going to the next World Cup. The Argentina team will also make appropriate changes. Most importantly, Messi is still extremely happy and always wants to play in the national team. Of course, it will also depend on Messi’s decision. But we always dream of the day Messi attends the 2026 World Cup,” Claudio Tapia said.

Before the 2026 World Cup, Messi committed to playing with Argentina at the 2024 Copa America. “We are happy to know that Messi’s drive and passion are still intact. He immediately accepted the next challenge and joined us in defending the Copa America title.

Messi is very happy with the squad now and is building the next generation, still led by coach Lionel Scaloni. I hope, after the 2024 Copa America, Messi will remain motivated to stand with the team,” Claudio Tapia affirmed.

Argentina team changes play for Messi to attend the 2026 World Cup - Photo 2.

Messi returned to the Argentina team after an impressive journey for Inter Miami

Messi has just experienced an impressive journey with Inter Miami club (11 matches unbeaten, scoring 11 goals and having 5 assists). He has just returned to focus on Argentina to play two matches in the 2 World Cup qualifiers in South America, against Ecuador at 2026:7 on September 8 at home and against Bolivia away in La Paz at 9:3 on September 13. Messi will be absent from 9 matches of Inter Miami club on this occasion, including matches against Sporting Kansas City and Atlanta United.

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