amazing! You would not have seen such a use of T-bags, this time Urfi Javed’s dress will keep rubbing your eyes again and again

Urfi Javed, the Queen of Boldness and Mallika of Atrangi Fashion, has once again uploaded her strangely styled video on Instagram. Urfi Javed is seen wearing such a dress in the new video, which no one can think of. Yes… Urfi Javed New Look has made a dress from T-bags this time. Urfi Javed in a dress made of a lot of T-bags is seen applying her style to social media.

You will be shocked to see Urfi Javed’s new look!


Urfi Javed Video has recently posted a new look video on his official Instagram. In the beginning of this video, Urfi Javed wearing a loose T-shirt is seen making tea from a T-bag and then drinking it, and while drinking tea, Urfi gets an idea, then in the blink of an eye, Urfi Javed is made of a lot of T-bags. She is seen wearing a dress. On-camera testing of the dress made of T-bags by pouring hot water has also been shown. Netizens have been rubbing their eyes after seeing Urfi Javed’s new and racy dress. People are not tired of praising Urfi’s creativity.

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